Fluorescent Light Energy (FLE) Generated through Red LED Light and a Natural Photoconverter Gel as a New, Non-Invasive Approach for Facial Age Control: A Pilot Study

This study, for the first time, evaluated the safety and efficacy of a new natural-based topical
gel containing a spirulina extract. This photoconverter gel generates fluorescent light energy (FLE)
via a red LED light device, which is proven to be effective for age control of facial skin. This was a onecentre,
observational, uncontrolled pilot trial. Eight healthy female subjects aged 35 to 65 years old,
with Fitzpatrick skin types II–V were recruited. The duration of the study was five treatment sessions
of one treatment every seven days, with a final follow-up at one month after the last treatment session.
The images and the related data were acquired with the SONY® Mod. DSCRX10M3, the Canfield
VISIA Facial Imaging System®, and QUANTIFICARE 3D® analysis. Patient compliance was excellent
(100%) and the treatment was described as warm and pleasant by the patients. After 30 days, VISIA
parameters such as wrinkles, texture, red areas, and Trueskin Age® had improved. The safety and
efficacy of the FLE treatment assessed in this trial were achieved for overall rejuvenation of facial
skin, focusing on wrinkles evaluated via the specific VISIA algorithms.

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